A Note from Kat

On Jan 1, 2016 Club Kink Jacksonville teamed up with one of Jacksonville’s largest Fet groups, The Jacksonville Kinksters, for an awesome NEW YEAR PARTY!

I was honored to have worked among the group leader, @JKGodmother and her staff to bring the party to fruition. A lot of work goes into leading a successful group. I also had the pleasure of meeting WickedBella who was the founder of JK. Various lives have been impacted by the work of these two dedicated women.

The JK group was disbanded that year, but the spirit of it to reach into and across the Community in a cohesive effort for expansion and quality lives on!
The studio I had obtained for my private video and photo shoots was shaping up. After working with the folks in the Jax Community I realized that there was a strong need for a place where Fetish and Kink folks could expand from their groups and grow in their knowledge and experiences in the fetish World.

I’m grateful for the opportunities I have had to travel the world, and experience Kink and Fetish on a global scale. Clubs, Groups and Organizations from around the world have been a very positive influence on me. There are indeed so many variables in this culture, that to imagine only one way of conducting a lifetime of fetish play seems intolerable.

The first huge eye opener was in 2001 when I visited the Sex Museum in Amsterdam, Holland. Six stories tall, and each successive floor up went from ancient sex practices to top floor- modern kink, fetish and sex. Wow… a History lesson I didn’t get in college, and all in one short afternoon!
This is nothing new folks… its been around since the beginning, whatever that is! So, don’t sweat it, just enjoy and learn.

When I decided to reach out to the Community in an effort to transform my studio, to a Community based Fetish Club, we started small with events related to my fitness, strength and muscle-worship based fetish relations. Having been a former Event Promoter, Instructor, and Community Leader, it was a natural move to open it up and include the FET Community as a whole to provide a nice, comfortable, clean, safe and welcoming environment where ALL KINKS are accepted, at ALL Levels. A true Community entails a mixture of people and their kinks, experience and desires to learn.

My goal, as in any endeavor is to be inclusive. Education and experience are the two thing that separate us from each other. Sharing the experience and education is what brings a Community together. As Club Kink Jacksonville grew this year its also been evolving to reach the needs of its members. Having the help of the volunteer staff over this time was a major contributor in its moving forward. Thank you to @SDThinking, @mistresskano, @Thesubdude, @Ruggerpeek @Sweetsub7, @ShilohsShadow and the over 800 group members and over 100 active members in one year!

Our desire is to Continue to give the Community opportunities that will keep them active, learning and enjoying the fetish lifestyle at all levels. Giving back to the Community by having presenters and instructors from within our local community to coming across the globe for our Membership incentives are also a part of growing the Community!

Stay tuned, and please be sure to adjust your settings to receive our posts and messages so you don’t miss anything!

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I am looking forward to another fun, and freaky fetish year!