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Jax Rope Bite Presents: Rope Bottoming Workshop

November 10, 2018 @ 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Date & Time:
Saturday, November 10, 2018 · 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM  
Club Kink Jacksonville

700 E. Union St, Jacksonville FL 32206   @ map

Cost: $15-$45 =Buy Early!
Dress code: Casual, Comfortable, Topless allowed


Saturday November 10th, 1- 5pm FOUR PART BOTTOM CLASS
Class Limit : 25

PREPAY details:


@NUT_MEG- principal

@RvnusRavenofRope- assisting
@DrtyOldManofRope- assisting
@RobJax – assisting

BIO of @Nut_MEG
– I have been bottoming for almost 6 years, tying for about 4 and a half and in the lifestyle for about 7. I have taken classes, intensive and private lessons from many riggers locally, in Florida and from across the country. I have taught and continue to teach many classes locally. I am active as a rope mentor at Club Kink Jacksonville (@clubkinkjax).
I help lead several rope groups, and I teach private lessons.

Bottoming Class
Part one- the start- long before the scene/play/tie- 45 min
Topics include- psychological aspects of top play- understanding yourself as a rope bottom- setting personal rope goals- being informed- knowing the basics- risk profile- assessing yourself- research and vetting- mitigate safety issues- different rope styles- different scene styles- red flags- knowing your safety basics and risks -understanding top vs bottom perspectives- reasonable expectations- progression- pictures vs realities
There will be a 15 min period for socializing and questions/discussions before we move on.

Part two- Before the rope scene/play/tie – 40 minutes
Topics will include- setting up the scene- finding tops- evaluating tops- negotiations- locations- personal hard/soft limits- injuries/health issues- physical scene set up by type- obtaining specifics from your top- mental preparation- triggers- audience- personal issues- performance vs personal- mental aspects of types of scenes- points of discussion- colors/communication- rights and responsibilities of a bottom- rights and responsibilities of a top- D/s BS- physical preparedness (food, water, clothing, bathroom, etc.)
Then there will be about 10 minutes for questions and answers and 10 min for a quick break/bathroom/refreshments

Part three- Stretching and preparation -30 min
This section will include actual stretching- we will also discuss individual stretching- partner stretching- common problem areas- ways to increase flexibility over time- continuing to stretch after the scene and in the following days.

Part four- It’s Rope Time- during the scene/play/tie- 1 hour
This section will include topics like- safety first- nerves/line placement for the bottom- understanding tension as a bottom- communication techniques- pushing yourself- being realistic- top safety/bottom safety- cutters- clothing vs non- proper form topics- standing when being tied- what to do with your arms- sucking it in- studying proper placement- understanding torsions- understanding body mechanics and body movement within the scene- breathing techniques and tips- relieving pressure within the scene- communicating transitional needs- moving in the rope- body positioning- helping with transitions but not anticipating- asking for and proving feedback- holding your body- core importance- considering the focus of the scene- active bottoming (explanation)- consistence/practice- doing your part (its more then just showing up)- completing physical checks- visual vs circulation issues- red flags- ending the scene- helping yourself- after care- checking on your top- after scene discussion/feedback (tops and bottoms)- repeat/compound injuries- drop- “rope space” and your responsibility- soreness in the following days- rope marks, cuts, or abrasions- pick up play- etiquette- no is ok.

Part 5- 30 min
Questions and answers, along with follow up topics you wish to learn about.

This class will be limited to 25 people- first come first serve- so pay early! This class will not be repeated again in 2018- reserve your spot now!
Pre-pay SAVINGS:

Members $15 for bottom or $25 for a couple
Non member $20 for bottom or $30 for couple
Prepay available until October 31st!

At the door prices
Member $25 for the bottom or $35 for a couple
Non members- $30 for the bottom or $45 for couple
First come, first serve, IF AVAILABLE


November 10, 2018
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm