A Note from Kat

May, 2014 I opened KinkyMuscle Studio to continue and grow within the Fetish Video Industry. On location shoots as well as studio production for the new KinkyMuscle.com site.

An awesome historic warehouse building with charm and awe was our new home base. A lot of elbow grease and a few months later, productions at this location developed. Kink, fetish and muscle merged. Due to global location shooting the building wasn’t getting enough usage, so our Fetish Club formed in 2016 to promote the lifestyle through classes, socials, events and education.

One huge eye opener for me was in 2001 when I visited the Sex Museum in Amsterdam, Holland. Six stories tall, and each successive floor up went from ancient sex practices to top floor- modern kink, fetish and sex. Wow!  A History lesson I didn’t get in college, and all in one short afternoon!
This is nothing new folks, its been around since the beginning, whenever that was! My experiences and opportunities traveling the globe gave me insight to having a fun, happy and positive place where we can express, enjoy and relax while living our kinks, and meeting others who share similar ideas.

A true Community involves a mixture of people and their kinks, fetishes, experience and desires to learn and teach others.

My goal, as in any endeavor is to be inclusive. Education and experience are the two thing that separate us from each other. Sharing the experience and education is what brings a Community together. As Club Kink Jacksonville grew this year it has also been evolving to reach the needs of its members. Having the help of the volunteer staff over this time was a major contributor in its moving forward.

Our desire is to Continue to give the Community opportunities that will keep them active, learning and enjoying the fetish lifestyle at all levels. Giving back to the Community by having presenters and instructors from within our local community and across the globe for our learning is  also a part of growing the Community here in Northeast Florida.

Stay tuned, and please  join our NEWSLETTER if you want to stay updated and be a part of our continued events !

Our Safe, Sane, and Consensual Private Club, with House Rules gives you personal growth opportunities, social activities and a place to express your kinky side. The pics depict some of the fun events we have. Life life and enjoy!

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I am looking forward to another fun, and freaky fetish year!