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NYOTAIMORI- “BODY SUSHI” with Lord Ramirez

April 13 @ 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Date & Time:Saturday, April 13, 2019 · 7:00 PM –10:00 PM  


Cost:$5.00 VIP MEMBERS, $10.00 MEMBERS, GUESTS $15.00 (includes Orientation for Membership application)
Dress code:Casual and Comfortable,

Join us for a Lord_Ramirez Weekend!

Saturday April 13th 7-10pm
Costs INCLUDE the Demos and Sushi appetizers served along with other snacks and cold drinks for Social/Demo Event.
Come early and get your seat!
Socialize and MEET and GREET with @Lord_Ramirez and his submissive.

Day 2 continues with the “BODY SUSHI” Demo and Japanese Tea Ceremony.

“Nyotaimori” is the exotic art of Eating Sushi from off your subjected submissive. We will observe the follwing steps… We encourage those attending to take notes, as we will be hosting a Future Nyotaimori EVENT where everyone will participate and practice.

The JAPANESE TEA CEREMONY will also be in DEMO form
and take notes, for the Future WORKSHOP where everyone will practice and participate!

***IF time allows we may invite select few to participate in the TEA.

“THIS IS THE MOST AWESOME CEREMONY! If you missed this last year, you MUST come see it this time! Nothing like this ever. I enjoyed every moment of the ceremony and I have done it in my home with a few close friends, incredible!”
–CKJ Member


Step 1: Defrost the sashimi
Take the seafood out of the freezer and put it in the refrigerator six hours before serving. It is suitable for serving this course when there are still a few ice crystals at the centre.

Step 2: Seat your guest

Blindfold and strip your guest. Place them on their back on a cool, hard surface, preferably granite or marble. Tie their hands behind their head with a loose bind around their necks which prevents them from bringing their hands forward. Tie their ankles down in such a way that you have access to their genitals. Place a clean cutting board beside your guest’s head. Bring them to the brink of orgasm, but not over it.

Step 3: Prepare the wasabi

In a small bowl, mix cold water and wasabi powder to create a paste. Use your fingers to knead it and add water or powder until the texture is correct. Scrape most of the excess wasabi off of your fingers, then slide them into your guest’s mouth to have them finish cleaning them off. This will help you calibrate the amount of wasabi to add to each slice of sashimi, so attend to this carefully.

Step 3: Sharpen your knife

Take your largest kitchen knife and touch up its edge on a sharpening rod. Watch your guest’s face as they listen to the sound of metal on metal.

Step 4: Place the sashimi on the preparation area

Take the still slightly frozen pieces of seafood out of the fridge, unwrap them and place them on the belly and chest of your guest. As the cold sinks in, bring them to the brink of orgasm, but not over it.

Step 5: Pour the sake

Pour a small glass of sake for yourself, and pour some sake into a small bowl. Take a sip. Dip your fingers into the bowl, and slip them into your guest’s mouth for them to suck dry.

Step 5: Plate the condiments

Pour a small amount of soya sauce into your guest’s belly button. If they have a completely flat stomach, pour the soya sauce into a chilled bowl and place it on their belly button instead. Place the wasabi ball below their belly button and above their groin. Be careful not to get any wasabi on the sensitive flesh of their genitals, but do tell them that the wasabi is right next to their most sensitive flesh. Place the pickled ginger next to the wasabi. Quickly slice 10-15 pieces of pickled radish with firm strokes beside your guest’s head, then place the pieces of radish next to the wasabi. Tell your guest not to move a muscle or they will spill the soya sauce and require punishment, then bring them close to orgasm, but not so close that they lose all control as that would delay dining.

Step 6: Slice and serve sashimi

In the order of your preference, take a piece of octopus, tuna or scallop from the torso of your guest and cut bite-sized slices off next to your guest’s head. Using chopsticks, apply a small amount of wasabi to the pieces, dip them into the soya sauce in your guest’s belly button and feed your guest and yourself. Be careful with the wasabi, as too much will cause your guest to cough and displace the seafood and condiments. Be cautious that your guest does not choke on the mouthfuls; keep them small and observe carefully as they chew and swallow. Occasionally sip sake yourself and dip fingers into the sake for your guest’s pleasure. Intersperse with occasional radish and ginger. At intervals, perhaps a third and two-thirds of the way through the course, once again bring your guest close to orgasm, but do not allow them to come.

Step 7: Clean up

Use a warm, wet cloth to clean your guest’s torso and face. Pat them dry with a soft towel. Bring them to the brink of orgasm again, but do not let them come. Retire to a chair just out of earshot and watch them quietly for five to ten minutes while finishing the sake, fondling yourself as desired. When they are beginning to believe that you might have left them blindfolded and tied to the counter, return and bring them to their long-delayed orgasm. Untie them, help them down from the counter, seat them on a couch or comfortable chair, drape a blanket over them to alleviate any chills and start preparing the next course.


April 13
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm