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ORIENTATION- This Class is the Official ORIENTATION and vetting process for becoming a Member at Club Kink Jacksonville. It will review Club Rules and complete discussion and explanation of Club Etiquette, expectations and operations at the Club. Conducted by Kat or CKJ Staff member.

DOM/DOMME DISCUSSION PANEL- Led by Ms Lola Smiles. This is a Panel discussion for DOMS and DOMMES who want to discuss various related topics. Open for topics and discussions.

SUBMISSIVES PANEL- Led by girlMira, this is a Panel discussion for submissives who want to discuss various related topics or ask questions. Open for topics and discussions.

FLOGGING – Led by LeatherLee. I offer a Diversity of Perversity with Varying Degrees of intensity & Flexibility. I’ll Demonstrate various techniques from a Light Massage to Smack down with a Heavy Thump! A Snap of a Dragon Tail and More! All My Creations Have Interchangeable Handles & Tails Making it to Swing easier & with little Effort for Maximum Results. I always ask for audience Participation & Assistance.

CBT-TORTURING THE FAMILY JEWELS – Ms. Lola Smiles will be presenting on one of her favorite kinks CBT – Cock & Ball Torture.  The class will cover basic CBT including techniques, implements, safety, and aftercare.

MUMMIFICATION- Ms. Lola Smiles Class will cover different types of materials to use, safety, techniques on wrapping and incorporation of other play while partner is mummified.

LEATHER 101 – We will go over different types of leather and how to care for each of them. And what to look for in quality and durability when purchasing leather items.

PONY PLAY- We will cover, types of ponies, steps and foot work, how ponies should act, rein control, and go over types of gear to look for and what is actually needed, and how to get started. this will be a hands-on class where people are encouraged to participate if they choose.

FIRE CUPPING – Fire cupping can be a relaxing experience, an enlightening time, or a sadistic treat for your bottom! With various types of cups, lotion or not, we can even make it LIGHT UP with the addition of LED lights. A true experience in mental acuity while the cupper keeps you in suspense of the hotspots that are coming.

HOW TO CREATE A SCENE-The BDSM scene is one of the most tangible expressions of Dominance and Submission in the Kink lifestyle. The scene provides for the crescendo of pain and pleasure between those committed to its experience. SpartanRacer will be leading a discussion about the following: -The skill sets, the deeper mechanics, and the practical expectations -The psychology, personality traits, and the dominant voice that are crucial in developing the tone and presence of the experience. -Practical insight for the scene that help provide direction and depth -Wisdom related to using BDSM scenes to approach shame, bad experiences, and traumatic triggers in a safe way.


LEGAL CONSIDERATIONS OF KINK- by C. Darold Goodwin, How to balance a kink lifestyle with the legal system and how to mitigate running afoul of it.

PERVERTIBLES- Are you new to BDSM and don’t know what to buy or too embarrassed to go to the toy store? Or maybe you’re a seasoned veteran looking for something new to add to your repertoire. This workshop teaches you how to use items lying around your house, what to buy at the local hardware store or dollar store and how to create impromptu kink moments at the drop of a dime.

EROTIC TICKLE/TORTURE/BDSM- A hard look at the many combinations of sensation play with a few special guests. There will be lots of live tickling, loads of BDSM and some more surprises, so come ready to have some fun

MENTAL PLAY/ORGASM CONTROL (THE HYPNOTIC CONCEPT)- Mental Play”, “Energy Play” those words are frequently heard, often surrounded by an aura of mystery. What does it mean? What is it about? What is it for? This presentation will define, discuss and demonstrate the basics of “energy play” and show that it is possible, at a given place and time, to “create” an energy connection that will incrementally raise the level of connection between partners. The goal is to show that amazing D/s or M/s is not only about whips, chains, pain and punishment, but really in the soul and mind of the partners. We will discuss the basics of hypnosis, how we affect each other’s minds every day and how we can use neuro-science to create deep energy connections and Magick on demand Then what? Have you ever tried orgasm control? Heard of orgasms on command from a single word, a single thought? Making your partner orgasm on command is bonding and fun and… EASY!!! This class will show that mental control and power exchange make for amazing sex. This explanation and actual demonstration of Sex Magick is for all those who feel that there is something more, something sublime in what it is that we do and want to explore that aspect, grow the connection and delve deeper into their partner’s mind.

DRILL FOR SKILL- Entry level rope class on building blocks. Goes from single column to partials in class. Also includes practice drills that you can do at home, even if you don’t have a bottom or self-tie, so you can improve your art. Recommended to bring six hanks of rope if you have. Will have nylon rope to sell if interested with vendor.

KINKNOSIS- Explore your kinky mind, with the Kinknotist and with yards and yards of gorgeous mind rope and other new experiences for your mind! Explore the passions of your mind as the Kinknotist’s hypnotic voice carries you deeper and deeper into your inner Palaces of Pleasure and Pain. Traverse your mental Dungeon of Desires, whether the feeling of the perfect “smack on your ass”, being served by the perfect servant, to unbridled orgasmic pleasures coursing through your mind and body. Become on stage your own Superstar! (And you get to “blame” the hypnotist for “making you do it!) Turn a touch on your skin into a sensual, sexual and an oh so pleasurable moment, heightening all you experience throughout the evening and perhaps beyond. Come explore your own mental dungeon. Open your mind to new heights of ecstasy and so much more. Make the memories of a lifetime in just a few moments. Always safe, sane and consensual.

ROPE FOR SEX- When most people think about bondage and sex, they imagine the spread eagle… There is that, but also so much more! This is a fun introduction to quick and easy ties to immobilize your partner anytime anyplace in just a few seconds. Bondage does not have to be complicated or time consuming. Come check it out, 10 ties under 30 seconds, no knots to know…

ROPE, IT’S NOT JUST BONDAGE- How to find a connection between a top and a bottom. It starts with understanding the intentions and expectations of both the top and the bottom. It’s about the understanding of why you want to tie or be tied. What you’ll get from this class is clearer insight into how to build a positive connection between your rope partners through getting into each other’s heads. We will go over how to build an emotional connection through rope by using touch, sight and that magnetic connection between two people. This class does not require for you to have a partner in the class, as you can apply these principles to finding a partner. This is not a ‘sex-rope’ class. This is not a class that involves tying/suspending but if we have time, you can try out our techniques.

SWINGING 101- Learning Basic Guidelines that make the Swinger Lifestyle a positive and successful experience. A fun and interactive workshop, discussion and practical exercises.

SUSPENSION FOR BIGGER BOTTOMS- This Intermediate/Advanced level class helps students understand and learn some skills needed to be able to suspend bigger bottoms. (prerequisite: Working knowledge of uplines and suspendable chest & hip harnesses, students without these skills may audit/observe the class but will not be allowed to suspend)

NIPPLE PLAY- Nipple Play Workshop Description Do you remember a time when going to “second base” meant an unforgettable erotic experience? How one awkward touch on your breast set the world on fire? Want to feel like that again? The breasts and nipples are a key erogenous zone that often ends up overlooked. If “tuning in Tokyo” has been the extent of your nipple and breast play experiences, you may be missing out on a delicious expansion to your sex life that can be discovered during this class. By understanding the connection between pleasure and pain, we open up a curious world of exploration. Breasts are a fantastic entry point to broadening your horizons when it comes to sexual play. Helaine Katz will step everyone from the curious to the experts on a wide range of fun activities that center around the nipples and breasts. From basic fun with DIY clamps to more advanced adventures in wax play and breast binding, Helaine guides you through what to expect, how to play safely, and how to deepen your understanding of your sexual self. And all of the tips and techniques are shown in class for any gender or relationship status.

HOME EROTICA- Power point presentation on how to photograph or video shoot your own Home Erotica. Precursor to 2nd Annual Home Erotica Festival. Review of actual Finished Projects.

WAX PLAY WITH SHAYNA- Sensual wax play demonstrations with custom temperature-controlled candles.

SENSUAL FIRE PLAY-  This is an introductory workshop that will teach the proper skills to begin enjoying fire play.  This workshop leans towards the sensual aspect of fire play. Some of the skills that will be discussed are: safety, creating your fire kit, applying fire to the bottom and aftercare,

This is primarily a demo, but if time allows we provide an opportunity for hands-on.

SENSUAL TOUCH AND BDSM– Sensual Touch and BDSM is designed to show the participants how they can utilize a fetish to stimulate a person’s body to help reduce stress, increase awareness, increase the emotional and physical connection between individuals. Participants will learn how to use various fetishes and toys in conjunction with their body to provide an intimate scene with their partner.

WHAT’S KINKY- Like beauty, kink is in the eye of the beholder.

In this open-to-ALL workshop, we’ll explore the question, “What’s kinky?”.  We encourage newcomers and long-time lifestylers alike to ask questions, as well as share their thoughts and perspective.

We’re here to equip you with:

* ways to define and understand your kinky desires

* resources to help you further explore your interests  

* knowledge about common – and uncommon -practices

* tips for shedding shame and discussing your deepest desires with your partner(s)

Join us for a fun, informative, and interactive workshop designed to get your dirty minds buzzing.

NUDE YOGA-  Brief nude yoga class demonstration with Q&A.

Beating the Fear of Paddles (or How to both enjoy impact play)- In this class we will go over the safety aspects of impact play. the preferred types of paddles, and how to utilize them

Whips in the Dungeon: Techniques for Play- This workshop will begin with a goal of introducing techniques that will get your whip out of the bottom of your toy bag and into use in the dungeon. Static and beginning dynamic throws will be taught. The focus of the workshop is beginning whip techniques that directly relate to dungeon play. While basics of whips and whip throwing will be covered the true focus of the workshop is relating common dungeon toys and techniques to connect those skills to adaptation with a singletail.

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