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LOLA SMILES -Ms. Lola Smiles is a Latina Femdom Fatale from Long Island NY who has been in the lifestyle for over 25 years – a BDSM educator & presenter for over 5 years; event promoter and former pro dom. As a presenter/educator, she has presented on topics including Consent & Etiquette, CBT, impact play, wax play, breath play, dungeon monitors (DM) training, to name a few. She has also participated and moderated a variety of panels on dominance and People of Color (POC) in the Scene. Ms. Lola has been honored to present for LILNR, Sanctuary Events, Avant-Garde, Pangea, TES, SCK, The Steam Factory, EPIC, Weekend Reunion, TES FES, DomCon LA and LEASH Weekend. Ms. Lola is one of the only female event promoters on LI and founded SCK Events and House of SCK.  SCK Events hosts munches and a variety of upscale events and parties on LI and NYC.  SCK’s mantra is – Corrupting the World one vanilla at a time.®

BUCK- Buck has been doing pony play since 1982. he has taught many people in the joys of being a pony or controlling one. been on HBO real sex, a few videos and many articles in magazines. Known for his ability to carry people in his western saddle.

I started tailoring to their desires and my custom saddles and tack became an important part of pony Buck’s life. I started the first all pet event in the early 80’s known as “Erotic Thoroughbred” but have been to many other event such as Floating World, Black Rose, FetishCon, Haven, and almost all of the Camp Crucibles. I have done many demos and helped many other ponies learn what they need to do to compete in the pet shows. Camp Crucible has honored me by giving me the title, “the Godfather of Pony Play”. My gear and I have been featured in many photographs, magazines, and even on TV. I helped Equus Eroticus magazine with photos and articles when they first started publishing. I was featured in OWK’s Ponyboys 2 magazine and have done several videos including a pony play segment on HBO’s Real Sex #18 that first aired in 2001.

MISS CALLISSI- Mistress and Owner of Buck Wild. She was introduced to the lifestyle decades ago, but kept her interests in private while raising a family. She has been an active part of the Florida scene for several years and has mentored individuals and worked with several groups as well as being a group leader. She has presented, volunteered, attended, or help facilitate many fetish events and is a member in good standing at multiple Florida Dungeons. Since acquiring Buck, she has become involved with Pony Play and encouraging Buck to share his extensive knowledge with others.

SMOKE- Smoke is a lifestyle Dominant, sex educator, rigger and well-rounded kinkster based in South Florida. A skilled physical- BDSM practitioner and presenter, Smoke has spent the last few years in the lifestyle focusing in depth on mental, emotional and physiological aspects of BDSM and sexuality- including orgasm control, hypnotic D/s and S&M play, as well as “Sex MagicK”- through scientific research when available, as well as through many arduous and unconventional personal experimentations, and the contributed data of many other progressive, kinky sexual explorers.

DAROLD GOODWIN – has been a practicing attorney for 20 years and has maintained a private practice for 17. He has handled multiple cases arising from alternative lifestyles in both the criminal and family law arena.

J.W.TIES- Welcome to the world of a plumber who lost his career during the market decline. Thanks to the people at clips4sale and a few years of amateur photography as a hobby, I am now fetish/bondage video producer. I try to enjoy every minute of every day I am “working” (if you are not having fun, it is too much like work). Some days my wife and I do get stressed but that’s what blooper reels are for right? Most of you ask what man wouldn’t enjoy naked women walking around my house, tying them up, smacking their ass, forcing them to orgasm, tickling them (or on occasion, them tickling me), watching them shower, watching them tickle, torture, spank, and force other women to orgasm??? Yeah, not many men could say they wouldn’t enjoy that, but I’ve discovered making a living in fetish porn takes a lot of work too.

BLAISE AND RAVEN– Raven is a rope enthusiast who experiences rope as a bottom and a top. Blaise is a passionate rope slut rigger and does ’30 Day Challenges’ as he can tie 7 days a week. Blaise founded the Jax Rope Bite chapter in Jacksonville Florida. We are currently two parts of the leadership team (with Raven as President). Since JRB’s conception, we have grown to over 30 people that meet weekly. We are an inclusive, non-judgmental rope family that encourages growth through learning and community service. JRB partners with Savannah Rope Bite for events and sponsoring intensives. Jax Rope Bite offers Open Rope and monthly classes where we teach fundamentals, specific ties, and techniques for both tops and bottoms. Blaise and Raven have also taught these classes for over a year at Sav_Underground during events to grow riggers and bottoms in the Southeast Georgia and North East Florida. We have attended FIRE and Desert Bound rope conventions. We have learned from intensives from Lunatic Bound, YumYumPanda, FredRX, DJFet, and Lord Ramirez, all sponsored by Jax Rope Bite.

RAVENCLAW– 20+years as swinger, 10yrs presenting workshops, 2yrs CKJ member. Helping present and organize how to continually maintain a balanced atmosphere at Swinger events and parties. Following some simple guidelines, learn how the Swinger lifestyle can enhance your relationship.

CASEY CARTER- is an erotic author, on-air personality, and fetish lifestyle expert. Her knowledge and expertise have made her an industry force whose influence has both educated and motivated publishing professionals, entertainment leaders, and the general mainstream. Whether in the classroom, out in the field at various nation-wide events, in the boardroom (or the bedroom), Casey Carter focuses her professional endeavors on the benefits of effective communication, intimacy and sexual awareness.  

HELAINE KATZ- Helaine’s work and focus is on the empowerment of our sexual selves. As a veteran of the BDSM lifestyle, Helaine brings a real-life perspective to dispel the myths out there and teach us all what infinite pleasures our bodies can provide. Her fast-growing company, Subsensuals, was started a little over three years ago when a Domme approached Helaine wanting a product to simulate piercing the nipples without the commitment or fear of damage to the breast. This idea became the brainchild and baby for Helaine. It sparked the revolutionary patented magnetic enclosure that has become the cornerstone for the sensory jewelry line that now carries styles suitable for both nipples and clit. The magnetic closures are available in varying strengths to suit many nipple and clit sizes as well as pain thresholds. This is jewelry to show off your sensual side both in and out of the bedroom.

THE KINKNOTIST- With over 35 years as a college professor and over 10 years studying “kinknosis”, the Kinknotist is used to people going to sleep when he talks! His wit, background and humor make for a fun and informative presentation for all who attend! Past presenter at Fetish Con in 2016 and 2017 as well as a regular at Club Kink Jacksonville, the Kinknotist has refined skills and developed new experiences for those who star in his presentations. Available for events, from large to small, from vanilla to kink, making him one of a select few international hypnotists that feel comfortable in any venue on most any topic!

SPARTANRACER- Spartanracer has engaged in nearly a hundred scenes at Club Kink Jax alone. He has led group scenes, and other private scenes. Along with several other Club Kink Jax members, SpartanRacer has authored a book. This book “How to Make a Scene: Crafting the Ultimate BDSM Experience”(Kindle) covers the details that go into making a good scene possible. This can be especially helpful for those new to the lifestyle. SpartanRacer will happily mentor an individual or couple in making their first scene a success.

SUSUWATARI and LADY LYONENE– of Kinbaku Studio have been practicing the art of rope bondage for over 10 years. While they have attended many rope-centric cons, private lessons and intensives worldwide, they also assist the Dungeon Experience of Exxxotica Expo as rope artists and have shared what they have learned at events such as Kinky Kollege, Kinky Con, the Coastal Carolina Fetish Fair and many local & regional groups/events. When they aren’t performing or doing demos, they are using their photography studio to capture the art, offer classes (private lessons and weekend intensives) and selling their own brand of jute rope and low temperature wax play candles. Their focus is on body positive, consensual rope, making it an enjoyable experience for all. 

SHAYNA- is an alternative model and artist and has been creating custom wax play candles and has been traveling throughout the East Coast doing wax play demonstrations in both club settings and at private fetish events for over 1 year.

IAN MICHAELS- Ian Michaels is a BDSM educator in various fetishes.  Along with his wife, “Trophy Wife”, they have developed the Fetissage brand of workshops.  Ian was able to combine his background in massage therapy and his Master’s Degree in Exercise Science to produce unique sensual BDSM workshops.  Additionally, Ian has developed workshops geared towards his love of bondage. Prior to becoming a BDSM educator, Ian taught at a post-secondary technical school.    Both Ian and Trophy Wife have had the privilege to teach at TesFest, Weekend of Wickedness, E-P-I-C, Studio 58, Paddles, The Kink Shoppe (Philadelphia), Feel Me Breathe and many other venues.  Ian is also a semi-professional photographer, as evidenced by the photographs on his profile.  

Ian is available for private instruction, as well as private group instruction.  Please feel free to send a Fet message to inquire about rates.

SAVANNAHS UNDERGROUND-I have dabbled in the lifestyle for almost 20 years now and probably have had some type of kinky fetish or another throughout my entire life stashed away from the vanilla world we live in. I have had the opportunity to travel all over this great country of ours and experience BDSM in many forms and realms. I have played at public and private events anywhere from Seattle, Charleston, Louisiana, Atlanta, and places in between. I have seen lots and and learned lots more but always am trying to gain more knowledge and experience as we are all on our own kinky journey. I have topped and bottomed in all kinds of kink and play and suppose SWITCH is definitely my role or roles as i do enjoy both ends of the power exchange. Obviously if you have browsed my pictures, ass play is one of the many kinks i do enjoy. Flogging, electrical play such as tens or violet wands, bondage, suspension, fisting, light CBT, are just a few fetishes that make my kinky world go around. I have demo-ed in Seattle in public scenes before and don’t mind sharing what knowledge and experience I can.

JENNIFER & SEAN RAHNER- Jennifer and Sean Rahner are Sexuality Educators specializing in communication, and dedicated to changing the conversations our culture has about sex, kink, relationships, and intimacy.   They provide a range of services to help people shed shame, communicate on a range of intimate topics, and take charge of their pleasure, offering a no judgment zone for difficult or embarrassing questions. Both identify as queer, pansexual switches and are ethically non-monogamous. Find out more about them at geekysexylove.com.

Luna – Ms Dragon Rand- My spiritual name is Luna Phoenix.  Luna, Spanish for Moon, to signify my Spanish heritage and that I am a reflection of light that is shone on me.  I make it my goal to reflect the light in all who I meet. Phoenix reflects my life. I have been down and risen again from the ashes.  Each time I grow stronger and wiser. I teach both nude and clothed yoga. My nude yoga helps individuals to enhance the union of the spiritual, emotional and physical plane in a naturist/nudist state using an unmasking ceremony which uses the removal of clothing as a symbol of the removal of the “masks” we place on ourselves to perform our daily duties in society.  We see nudity as a natural state not as a sexual being. We peel off the mayas (illusions) of the identity we place on ourselves to return us back to the original state.

Devious_Panther- I’ve been in the social aspect of the lifestyle since early 2000. I’m a Jack of all trades type. From different forms of tactile stimulation, such as rope, wax, cupping, tickling, needles, and impact. I have presented multiple forms of impact demos, with the emphasis on both partners having fun.

Dex- Dex is a Dominant who began his journey in the leather lifestyle 20 years ago on an educational and self-reflective path of discovery. He was the leader of an extended leather family for several years, with a home that was well-known for its dungeons and hospitality.

As a retired college professor, Dex naturally put his teaching skills to use in the lifestyle. He has presented at Summer Bash, Spring Fling,The Floating World, SINSations in Leather, Southeast Leatherfest, Beyond Leather, Kinko de Mayo, Thunder in the Mountains, South Plains Leatherfest, Leatherfet, Lupercalia, The Woodshed, the Tampa Bay Phoenix Club, E-P-I-C Lifestyle Conference, FetishCon, GLLA, Sin in the City 2019, TESFest 2019, Weekend of Wickedness 2019.

Dex’s greatest passion is whip play. He has applied his education background to teaching others about whips, using techniques based upon proven theories in the field of adult education. He is the author of Whips in the Dungeon: Single-tail Techniques for Play, available on Amazon and Smashwords.

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