About Us

Welcome to N.E. Florida’s Premier Fetish Club.

We are a Private Adult Alternative Lifestyle Membership Club. We welcome those who identify as Fetishists, BDSM, Swingers, Nudists, Leather and LGBT Lifestyles. With members who are singles, couples and polyamorous, we enjoy a club where we can express our lifestyles and enjoy a clean, comfortable, and drama free environment. We are not a bar, or a nightclub, but a Community Lifestyle Club where we can gather in a judgement free space and have fun.

With a SAFE, SANE, and CONSENTUAL environment, our Members enjoy many aspects of the Club.

*Respect of Persons and Property
*Clean, Comfortable Sofa and Chair Seating
*Table and Chair Seating
*Bar Seating- a B.Y.O.B, “All” alcohol must be checked in at the bar. It will be tagged for you. Attendant will provide you with cups, ice, and mixers as well. No alcohol allowed unchecked!
*Snacks, juices, cold drinks, cups, ice and extras are provided.
*Club Amenities- See our complete list!

Extensive Lifestyle Experience to Guide You

Our Casual, yet professional atmosphere will make you feel at home with our Lifestyle related artwork, and cozy areas that are perfect for catching up with friends, or meeting new friends for the first time. Connect with other like-minded lifestyle folks, or invite someone you have been chatting with online. We are smoke-free and vape free. Outside smoking only.

*Offering Member/Guest Socials, Newbie Orientation, and Meet and Greets to help facilitate Socializing.

*A Variety of Lifestyle Learning and Education though Workshops, Classes, Demonstrations, Discussions *Entertainment, Fund Raising Events and “Members Only” Play Party Events.

We like to have FUN, and to be in a relaxed environment. In order for that to happen, CLUB RULES have been established to maintain an understanding of specifics. Be sure you read them and understand them when you attend any event here.  They will be reviewed at your ORIENTATION.

Our DRESS CODE is simple. Always Street Legal (Vanilla) to and from the club. Business Casual, clean clothes, jeans and nice shirt are ok. Comfortable/appropriate for the event or class you are attending. Fetish wear and fun kinky attire is allowed.  During MEMBERS CLUB HOURS, “playtime” Anything goes, just remember no nudity in the food area (towel wrap is fine).

Our Volunteer staff is here to help you have a great experience. Our Staff and Mentors are here to assit. Asking Questions is encouraged at the right times.You will encounter a variety of people and fetishes with varying levels of experience. There is NEVER any pressure to engage in any activity or to feel obligated to participate. We allow voyeur with a respectful nature and maintain the rule of SAFE, SANE, and CONSENSUAL at all times. This is a DRAMA-FREE Zone. Celebrate our freedoms and respect our differences. Enjoy your time here!

General Hours:

Mondays 7pm-9pm

Alternate Wednesdays 7pm-12mid

Fridays 8pm-2am

Saturdays 8pm-2am

Check our schedule for COMPLETE DETAILED EVENTS, SPECIAL EVENTS, additional days, changes to schedule or closings.