WILD WEDNESDAYS – are Every Wednesday


*NEWBIES- If you have attended an Orientation recently, or If you attend ORIENTATION tonight, You

are eligible for “2 for1 Trial Membership” tonight only! Schedule your ORIENTATION Now!

That’s right! on Wild Wednesdays, our Trial and Annual Members can access the VIP THEME ROOMS in

addition to the standard Theme Rooms and Dungeon, Lounge and Social Area WITHOUT AN UPGRADE

FEE! Everyone is able to access La Intima VIP AREA! Wild Wednesdays ONLY!

Wednesdays are fun, less crowded and better opportunity to experience ALL the areas!

The Social area is always open 7-12 for refreshments, mingling, movies, music, dance, games,

and just kicking back to relax.

The BELLY BUTTON LOUNGE is Open 7pm-12am Relax, Movies and Music

THEME ROOMS are OPEN 9pm-12midnight

Members Must be checked in” by 10pm

Be sure to check out the JUNGLE ROOM, The BLUE ROOM, The Medical, Massage and Wax Room, with

the relaxing and sexy “Belly Button Lounge” in the middle of it all. Of course the VIP THEME ROOMS,

The Moroccan Make-Out Room, The Roman O Room, and the RED ROOM of Play, or Marilyn room as

some call it. They all surround the 50 Shades Dungeon which is fully equipped for your experience.

Special Secret Spaces with additonal hard points for Bondage, Rope or Cage Play.

Our NEW Additonal Spaces:


*The KINBAKU CARDINALE DOJO 7-9pm Open Rope, Shibari

*DOJO Dungeon

So many choices, So much to experience!

*Non-Members MUST attend ORIENTATION to become Members and Stay for MEMBER HOURS

ALL TICKETS AVAILABLE HERE: https://jacksonvillelifestyle.eventbrite.com

SEE our FULL SCHEDULE: https://www.clubkinkjax.com/schedule/