Rules of Engagement for CKJ

       Rules of Engagement for CKJ Studio Members – Club Kink Jacksonville and LA Intima VIP Lounge

When joining this Club, you accept and agree to respectfully abide by these rules. You understand that your membership may be revoked for violation of these rules at any time at our discretion. You take full and complete responsibility for your actions and the safety of others you may engage with.

  • The primary Rule is RESPECT of: People – Possessions – Property — SAFE, SANE, CONSENSUAL
  • FIRE Play or anything involving open flame, requires MANAGEMENT APPROVAL and signed waiver.
  • Don’t touch anyone without their permission.  EVER!
  • Don’t interrupt a scene.  Attempting to start conversations or get involved during or immediately after the scenes is one of the most common ERRORS. No Exceptions! Give people space. ONLY JOIN A SCENE IF INVITED IN and agreed upon by all persons involved. ALL studio scenes should be negotiated and discussed by ALL PERSONS INVOLVED!
  • BE QUIET while scenes are going on in rooms and give players proper space!
  • Go to the social areas to chat! Step outside, away from the scene area to talk.
  • Bathrooms are not play areas. The Bar is not a Play area.
  • Bring and use “YOUR” towel ANYTIME YOU HAVE EXPOSED SKIN ON ANY FURNITURE, BED, CHAIR.  Towels available for rent if you forgot your own.
  • Clean up after yourself!  Pick up after your scene. Use the waste cans provided and alcohol/disinfectant/Clorox wipes and use it to wipe down any equipment that was used.
  • These Events are for Members Only. What happens here, stays here. Maintain confidentiality.
  • ALL BYOB must be checked in at the bar. 
  • No outside food allowed for your personal consumption. Sharable for the open snack table OK
  • NO ILLEGAL DRUG USE ANYWHERE ON THE PREMISIS Don’t even bring any into CKJ at all.   Keep any questionable items off our premises.
  • NO SMOKING OR VAPING anywhere inside Studio!  Side Patio Only
  • NO alcohol consumption in the parking lot or front of the building.
  • NO ALCOHOL ABUSE or ABUSIVE BEHAVIOR! You will be asked to leave.
  • Phone/Camera Policy- NO CEL PHONES out or open in the Play Areas. Take calls outside. Text in Social area only, and NO PHOTOS, No Exceptions.
  • Photo availability on specific Theme Nights will be announced and posted.
  • Leave personal matters outside the club, ALWAYS.  this is a DRAMA FREE ZONE!