All Non-Members must attend an orientation to be eligible for MEMERSHIP. You may start your Membership the same day that you complete ORIENTATION, Membership Options are listed.

Step 1. CLICK and READ each page below:

Your ORIENTATION tickets are Pre-Pay only and are per person

Pre-Pay tickets are for a specific date/time.  No refunds, dont ask

No walk-ins allowed. Limited number of tickets per appointment time.

Wednesday- 7pm, 8pm or 9pm

Friday- 7pm, 8pm or 9pm

Saturday- 7pm, 8pm, or 9pm

Orientation includes refreshments, vetting, tour, Q&A and Review of membership options. 

(Takes approx 45 min) 

After Orientation is complete, you are eligible for membership that same day. 

Step 2: HOW to Purchase your Orientation ticket ?



1. Open the ticket link above (Eventbrite.) 

2. Look for that month’s “Orientations”.  Click and Scroll to read the information

3. CLICK “Get Tickets” 

4. SCROLL to find the DATE AND TIME of ticket you want to Attend ORIENTATION

Orientations start promptly, allow time for parking and registration.

Read descriptions of each ticket to be sure you purchase ORIENTATION Tix

5. Add the name of EACH person in the “attendees” section.

(This is important to track tickets and allows each person to check in without the other)

6. “CHECKOUT” following Eventbrite’s instructions. You will receive an email receipt.

Bring the email receipt/confirmation number on your phone or a printed copy

Each person needs a valid ID (NO EXCEPTIONS)  R.S.O. Checks are done on everyone.

Must be 21 for Membership

Step 3. Attending the Orientation you Scheduled

This is a requirement for everyone that passes through our doors.

  • You pre-pay for orientation, based on date and time that works best for you. SCHEDULE 

    Wed/Fri/Sat– 7pm, 8pm or 9pm.

  • When you arrive you will register at the front desk with a valid ID and a pre-paid ticket. 
  • All  Orientation fees are per person.  All Memberships are per person.
  • You will walk through the venue with a staff member and tour each area, with an explanation of club rules & how they apply.
  • Club etiquette will be reviewed and all of your questions answered.


Step 4. Complete Orientation

Once orientation is complete, your questions have been answered, and you understand and agree to abide by Club Rules of etiquette and respect, you may purchase/active your membership that night.

We are a Private Membership Club that has the right to refuse anyone who does not abide by Club Rules.

Step 5. Enjoy your Membership

  • Stay current on your Orientation, It is required once a year. Annual members only pay the fee once. Trial Members who do not join, will be required to do a Refresher Orientation after 1 year passes (fee apply).

  • Uphold the rules/etiquette at all times. Refer to club rules frequently, as they may change. Annual Members may take a Re-Fresh Orientation at any time.

  • Get involved! Network with others! Mentor with experienced members! Become a Volunteer!

  • Check the Schedule,  Attend Demos, and Presentations. Learn and Enjoy!
  • Sign up to volunteer to give back to your lifestyle community!